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Addressing the rumors we’ve started 😜

We are going to PAUSE!! Cheryl and I have been looking at the COVID numbers and it’s anxiety-inducing to us. We have been SOOOOOOOO fortunate this far. We do not want to push our luck, or the luck of our amazing Goose community!! The idea of being a hub for COVID puts the fear of God into us.

As of tomorrow, Tuesday, January 12, we will be take-out only. AND.....

As of Saturday, January 16, close of business, 7 pm. we will be putting The Goose in a light state of hibernation!!

We are going to take a few weeks to observe the trends as the vaccination becomes more readily available. This will also give us the opportunity to reduce our payroll so we can survive the slower winter months. When we re-open it will be just Cheryl and I, for the time being.

We are also going to take this time to re-tool the kitchen and the menu a bit so Cheryl and I can run the kitchen solo. When we re-open, we will do slightly reduced hours, and will be takeout and delivery only. We will get back to you shortly to let you know exactly how the new schedule will go.

We can’t reiterate enough....THIS IS JUST A PAUSE.

GIFT CERTIFICATES WILL BE HONORED! If you were planning to use a gift certificate for a special occasion, or just really want to use it over the next couple of weeks, we will be happy to do so. Just give us a couple day’s notice!! TEXT me (Jen) at 718-928-4317 (easiest way to reach me). I’ll coordinate fulfilling your order. ALSO... our gift certificates do not expire. You can use them in a few weeks when we re-open.

Again, we’ll be at The Goose all this week. Takeout only. Delivery will be available Thursday through Saturday, 4 pm to 7 pm.

Feel free to call with questions, message us on Facebook! We love our community and plan on being a part of it for many, many years to come.

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